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Monthly Training

Volunteers, join us to deepen your knowledge of Peckerwood Garden and the specific collections housed here!


Our volunteers are a key part of our work and development and these monthly training sessions allow you to develop your knowledge, connection, and experience.  Join us each month for these docent training sessions.
Peckerwood Garden has been widely acclaimed for design originality, the breadth of its collections, and its education and conservation programs. Learning about these collections is an ongoing process and an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge of plants, design, Peckerwood Garden, and more.

Volunteers and Docents register here.

Guests, please call 979-826-3232 or email for availability.

These monthly sessions are open to all active volunteers. Maps, notes, outlines, and digital files will be available.

Contact Bethany Jordan with questions at or at 979-826-3232.

Members may join us if space is available for $15 per person. Pre-registration is required.

Call 979-826-3232 or email

Please note this is not a casual tour but a focused class on a single topic and class size is limited to 15.


About the Classes.
The class will be 1.5-2 hours and will focus on a specific topic. The goal is to deepen your understanding of that specific topic and develop your ability to share that information. These are in-depth sessions, not casual tours.
What happens after?
After these classes, volunteers may assist a docent as Second for tours on Open Day or for private tours. Volunteers may continue training to become a full docent. If interested ask Adam or Bethany.
Silene regia in the rockery
You can be a Docent.
Interested people should not feel intimidated by the subject matter or breadth of information, these are education. This is a process and is about enjoyable but educational tours. Speak with Adam or Bethany if interested.


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A Docent is a teacher, serving Peckerwood Garden and the community in the field of education. Docents are knowledgeable, enthusiastic people who act as liaisons between the Garden and the general public. Docents facilitate personal interaction, education, and enrichment between Garden visitors and the garden, artwork, specimens. They develop expertise through ongoing training, research, and education.