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Insider Tour – Early Winter Interest

Early Winter Interest Plants (Dec-Jan)

Prunus mume (Flowering Apricot)
• ‘Contorta’ – earliest flowering – around Christmas/early Jan –white with contorted branches
• ‘Pink Panther’ – double flower – mid-Jan
• Unknown white single –mid-Jan
Mahonia (Asian species and hybrids)
• Mahonia x media (many named but very similar cultivars
• Mahonia x lindsayae ‘Cantab’ – distinctive in that the leaves and inflorescences are weeping
• Various garden seedlings (hybrids)
Mahonia (Mexican species)
• Mahonia chochoca
• Mahonia sp. (soon to be named M. peckerwoodensis – north of creek)
Ilex (Hollies)
• Ilex x ‘Cherry Bomb’
• Ilex vomitoria ‘Saratoga Gold’
• Ilex intermedia (currently mislabeled I. purpurea)
• Ilex decidua (including ‘Finch’s Golden’)
• Ilex x ‘Miss Patricia’
• Various hybrids
Chiococca alba – white fruits if not subjected to hard freeze
Magnolia species and hybrids (a few starting to flower early/mid January)

Camellia sasanqua – various cultivars (fall – early winter flowering
Camellia japonica – various cultivars (winter-spring flowering)
Cephalotaxus harringtoniana ‘Korean Gold’
Acer oliverianum var. formosanum – red fall color late Dec to Feb depending on conditioning
Acer skutchii – Mexican Sugar Maple – yellow to orange foliage Jan to Feb
Acer palmatum – Red to yellow December – January
Acer discolor – orange late December to January
Lindera angustifolia – Yellow foliage turns a clean copper color (dead but still ornamental), retained on tree
Lindera glauca – similar to L. angustifolia, but leaves shorter
Diospyros palmeri – holds pepper-like persimmons through winter
Chionanthus retusus – yellow fall color Dec-Jan, dropping to reveal nice branching architecture
Taxodium ascendens – after leaves drop long pendant clusters of male cones persist, hanging from branch tips
Rohdea japonica – evergreen groundcover with showy red winter fruits
Ruscus aculeatus (self-fruiting variety) best fruit set in winter, but can have fruits other times of year.
Loropetalum cv’s – pink flowers Jan-March
Euonymus myrianthus – showy yellow fruits split open to reveal red seeds
Pyrus kawakamii – flowering mid Jan (2017). Rare species of pear from Taiwan, not edible
Ulmus alata ‘Lace Parasol’ – when leafless the contorted, weeping branches are shown off best.