A Tribute to John Fairey

After much discussion and consideration, the board of directors of the Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation recently voted unanimously to change the name of the garden to “The John Fairey Garden.”
The board has become increasingly interested in honoring John for his achievement and naming the garden for him seemed an appropriate way to do so. John was consulted before bringing the matter to the board and was supportive of the change, making the decision to proceed an easier one.
We recognize that the Peckerwood name was beloved by many, and that the garden has an international reputation established under that name. We trust, however, that this action will only enhance our efforts to protect and preserve the garden, as is our mission.
We know it will take some time to get used to the new name; we still find ourselves occasionally uttering the “P” word. Eventually, however, the garden created by John Fairey will be will known by his name, a lasting tribute to him and an appropriate means of honoring his gift to all who experience the garden.