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Neobuxbaumia polylopha

Visitors at first assume this cactus is a saguaro, but aside from not being able to grow them here, it differs from the famous cactus of Arizona by tolerating our humidity (with excellent drainage) and having no arms – remaining a single column. Unlike other cacti that tend to branch when the top is cut or damaged, this one will still resume with only a single growing tip. Hardy most winters in our area, ours did get some damage this past cold snap when we got into the teens. I have since read the former Yucca Do Nursery’s listing for this species that recommends covering the upper (softer) tip of the plant when dips into the teens are expected, either with a paper bag or wrapping with frost blanket. If only I had known (but now you know!). Offered are seedlings about 5” tall. — Adam Black