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Insider Tour – Shrubs and Small Trees for Difficult Spaces

Frequently visitors come to The John Fairey Garden seeking landscape and plant ideas for their own gardens, but many of their gardens are usually fully planted except for those impossible areas. You know them: small spots where irrigation misses; full shade in winter, full sun in summer; the hell strip between the sidewalk and the street; the rainy day bog, dry weather brick. On this Insiders Tour you’ll encounter the non-spiny non-prickly plants than can make landscaping these areas a little easier.

Juniperus virginiana ‘Glauca Compacta’ – Eventually 5 ft. x 5 ft. Small, soft and blue.
Dalea greggii – Dry. Mostly evergreen. Almost year round flowering. Silvery blue color.
Conradina canescens – Florida scrub mint for well-drained dry spaces. Full sun.
Forestiera angustifolia ‘Pendula’ – Swamp Privet. Native to Central and South Texas. Dry or boggy. Trim as you like.
Amyris texensis – Torchwood. Texas native. Full sun or shade. Any well-drained soil. Dry.
Yucca linearifolia – An exciting find on one of the Mexico expeditions. It’s basically a Yucca rostrata dwarf.
Fraxinus greggii – Mexico and Texas. Very drought tolerant small ash tree.
Leucophyllum zygophyllum (or other compact forms) – Beautiful purple bloomers. Very drought tolerant.
Melochia tometosa – Tea Wood. Full sun. Dry. Beautiful pink flowers summer and fall.
Mimosa dysocarpa – Texas native shrub with fuzzy pink blooms. Drought tolerant.
Aesculus pavia var. flavescens – The smaller yellow-flowered buckeye from the Texas Hill Country. Blooming NOW!
Anisacanthus puberulus – Texas native. Beautiful pink flower. Very drought tolerant.
Freesia laxa – Painted Flower, South Africa. Beautiful little wild flower. A bulb that is very drought tolerant. For shade.
Ophiopogon jaburan – Giant Mondo Grass. The gigantic species related to the shade loving drought tolerant Monkey Grass.
Roldana aschenborniana – Stunning Mexican yellow wildflower. Evergreen shrub to about 6 ft. No reseed; no rhizomes. Blooming now!
Agave bracteosa – Squid Agave for SHADE. It can handle full sun too. Dry. Mostly unarmed.
Pavonia lasiopetala – Rock Rose. Collected in Mexico. Full sun. Dry. Deep pink.
Neobuxbaumia polylopha – Non branching columnar cactus to tuck away in a sunny dry well-drained nook.
Drimiopsis maculata – Drought and shade loving bulb with spots!
Bletilla striata – Very drought tolerant bromeliade for shade. Incredible flower! Blooming now.
Polygonella americana – The wonder plant! Small xeric shrub that looks like a juniper at first glance until it blooms like a cotton ball!