Join The John Fairey Garden on Saturday, March 19th, for our annual Budding Out Plant Sale and Festival, a premier plant sale that offers rare and hard to find plants from The John Fairey Garden nursery and other select plant vendors from the region. We will offer rare plants suitable for the most discerning plant collector or distinctive plants for the beginning gardener. Additional offerings will include art, ceramics, jewelry, food, drink, music, and other entertainment for the whole family.


Admission is free. Gates will open at 8 am. Member access will be from 9am – 4pm; general public access will be from 10am – 4 pm.


The John Fairey Garden Nursery – selling rare and hard to find plants, including Brahea moorei, Beschorneria rigida, Phlebodium pseudoaureum, Quercus glauca, Litsea japonica, Chamaedorea radicalis, Mahonia gracilis, Callicarpa acuminata, Casimiroa pringlei, Bauhinia macranthera and many others. We will also be offering a selection of rare cycads, including Macrozamia moorei, Zamia inermis, Zamia domingensis, Zamia vasquezii, Ceratozamia kuesteriana and a 5 gallon Zamia integrifolia. Check link for full listing.

Rare Tropicals – rare and collectable aroids – philodendrons, anthuriums, syngoniums.  (Monstera Thai Constellation, Monstera Albo, Monstera Aurea, philo Pink Princess, philo Imbe variegata, Philo Bob Cee, Philo ring of fire, philo Birkin), collectable ficus (several imported from Thailand), associated bromeliads (neos), collectable crotons – 12+ varieties. (not Norma or Petra), Hoyas, a selection of sansevieria, and miscellaneous tropicals.

Gulf Coast Fern Society – Literature on ferns.

Fern Plantation – 100 different types of Ferns and sphagnum moss.

The Herb Cottage – assorted succulents, including various caudiform types, desert rose, Madagascar Palms, jatropha, ibervillea, haworthia, echeveria, rhipsaalis, and kalanchoes.  Tropicals including various sansevieria varieties, monstera and others.

New Leaf Nursery – New Leaf Nursery offers familiar herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme) as well as those less common, such as winter savory, salad burnet and fennel. In spring and fall, we provide a wide range of heirloom and hybrid vegetable transplants, upwards of 50 tomato and pepper varieties. Year-round, we also offer perennials such as salvia (our specialty), cuphea, perennial hibiscus, mistflower, amaryllis, spider lilies, esperanza, rock rose and agastache.

Tejas Bulbs – Tejas has been growing , breeding and promoting heritage and modern Crinum lilies since 1983. Our offerings for the Festival will include about 20 selections; reds, pinks, whites, bicolors, many fragrant. Premium, blooming sized bulbs and young (starter) plants will be offered with cultural info and landscape tips by the people who actually grow them.

Old School Produce –  a selection of freshly harvested vegetables, herbs, and microgreens. We will also have plenty of different cacti, succulents, and other assorted plants sought after by collectors.

Zone 9 Tropicals – A large selection of Alocacias, Calatheas, Hoyas, Philodendrons, and much more.

Suzanne Longley FarmsSuzanne Longley Farms is a wholesale tree farm located in Brenham, Texas. We will be offering Juglans negra, Quercus lyrata, Taxodium ascendens, Quercus buckleyii, Castanea mollissima, Pistacia chinensis, Ficus racemosa, Pinus palustris, Salvia ‘Amistad’, and Roses.

Pet Flytrap – PetFlyTrap.com is much more than just Venus Flytraps! PetFlyTrap.com is one of the oldest and most established online carnivorous plant nurseries in the nation. Our selection of carnivorous plants is the most diverse in the U.S. Venus Flytraps, North American Pitcher Plants, Tropical Pitcher Plants, Sundews, Butterworts, Bladderworts, carnivorous bromeliads, and all sorts of other carnivorous plant oddities…we have it all! We also have a selection of companion plants, such as Calopogon orchids and other bog plants, and jewel orchids and unusual Philodendron species to accompany tropical carnivores. On the other end of the spectrum, we occasionally offer a few varieties of stapeliads and other personally-produced succulents for our succulent-loving customers. Let us know if you have any special requests for us to bring!

Trees of Central Texas

Magic Worm Ranch – bags of our MAGIC-Grow Earthworm Castings. Earthworm Castings are a natural, organic soil enrichment. They contain a highly active biological mixture of bacteria, enzymes, remnants of plant matter as well as earthworm cocoons. The castings are rich in water-soluble plant nutrients that are readily available to the plants. Used for vegetables, flowers, plants in and around the house, trees, shrubs and lawns.

John Greenlee, Greenlee and Associates – Presenting the “Greenlee Meadow Collection,” featuring Bouteloua ANGEL EYELASH™, Carex leavenworthii, Carex divulsa, Carex praegracilis, Eragrostis intermedia ‘Madera Creek,’ Muhlenbergia emersleyi ‘Madrone,’ Poa arachnifera

‘I’m Into Plants’ Consulting – Inoculated mushroom logs (edible mushrooms – oyster, shitake, maitake)



Jill Whitten – Jill Whitten hand builds porcelain cactus flower pots, tiny spring bowls, owls and tiny birds, and owls in cactus pots.

Mystic Multiples  – Mystic Multiples is a Houston artist duo creating risograph and letterpress goods. We make art prints, zines, and comic books that reflect on the present and future of our Gulf Coast environment. We have a small backyard garden and love growing okra. If your favorite color is green, we’ve got you covered.

TrinauzeeOne-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry focused on crystals and semi-precious stones highlighting their meaning and healing properties combined with copper and mixed metals. Every piece is an original work of art made by the Texas artist, Trina Uzee.

Bec Joy Prints – Bec Joy Prints is a small shop run by artist Becca Hovey. She creates hand printed goods from her original block prints in the form of art prints and textiles such as tea towels and bandanas. Her work also includes plant-dyed textiles and upcycled apparel. The natural world is the main subject of her block prints and influences from her travels around the world, from Alaska to Antarctica, show themselves in her work.


Long Spoon at Blackwood – Chef Cade Conlon preparing and serving

Egg and fire roasted tomato tacos
Potato egg and cheese tacos
(Can add bacon)
Carne guisada empanadas
Black bean and potato empanadas
Avocado crema
Chicken Tinga with cabbage, radish and queso fresco
Grilled Brussels and goat cheese tacos  with cabbage slaw and lime
Killer cookies
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Super green cookies

Mescalito Coffee – Coffee Options: Lattes-Honey Cinnamon, Lavender, Caramel, Vanilla, or Mocha, also Cold Brew, Iced Tea, and black coffee. Coffee beans.

Yeti Sunshine – Soft and fluffy shaved ice – Real fruit flavors – Nothing artificial.

WildFlyer Mead Company – We make mead to showcase what our amazing state has to offer. We use our own estate honey and source as much Texas grown fruit as possible. Because we use only fresh fruit, many of our meads are seasonal which allows us to provide you with the most delicious, fresh, and approachable mead available.

Location Six Brewing – Handcrafted beer.

Zero-Point Organics – Microgreens grown with absolute care to produce the highest quality possible final product.

Blackwood Educational Land Institute – Elderberry shrub and syrup, Ginger coriander dressing, Herb salts, Herb oil, and their Herbal apothecary line.

Ballad of the Bird Dog – A range of mercantile offerings from t-shirts to candles to pantry/bar items.

Cottonmouth Cannabis – Cottonmouth Cannabis is a veteran-owned, family operated, regenerative hemp farm producing exclusive handmade and raw wildcraft goods. With a growing commitment to conservation and sustainability, Cottonmouth Cannabis creates tinctures, topicals, and edibles of the highest quality, using ecologically responsible and restorative practices, for people and planet.



Bee Weaver – Meet the Beekeeper! Marie Yanchak, BeeWeaver Honey Farm beekeeper and the Texas Honey Queen, is leading a honeybee and beekeeping chat, honey tasting, and basic bee biology talk. Presented by BeeWeaver Honey Farm.



Erin Rodgers – accordion (from noon – 2 pm)




We’re sorry but pets will not be allowed on the property.

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